BetKing is an incredible online bookmaker catering to Nigerian players. It holds reputable licenses from the Lagos State Lotteries Board and offers many betting and gambling opportunities.  There is an excellent range of all the top sporting events, with football the most popular locally and abroad.

Mobile gambling has increased in popularity, which is how most Nigerian players prefer to access the site. Although you can access the platform via the BetKing mobile app, there is an alternative with many reasons for players to use the BetKing Mobile Lite version. We will take a look at what this version involves and why it may be the answer to your gambling needs. 

What is BetKing Mobile Lite?

BetKing Mobile Lite 2

So, you may wonder what this BetKing Mobile Lite is and how it differs from the app or accessing the site via a web browser. Basically, you get a basic version of the BetKing website. The design of the Mobile Lite site is all about simplicity with no frills. There are no adverts or other data-intensive elements that you would find on the mobile app. 

It, therefore, is much lower on your phone’s data usage, meaning everything loads much quicker, and you also won’t have to worry about not having any data left before your next monthly payment.  It is the ideal solution for Nigerian players with old mobile devices that do not have much storage or RAM. The mobile app does not work on the older devices. 

There are some pros and cons to the Lite site, so let us take a look:


  • Lower data usage 
  • Simple interface
  • Works on older firmware
  • Can use on both new and old phones
  • Easy for navigation
  • Main features of the site available


  • No bonus section

Besides not having a promotional section, there are many more advantages to disadvantages for Nigerian bettors. 

How to Access BetKing Mobile Lite?

How to Access BetKing Mobile Lite

No matter what type of firmware you have on your device, you can access the BetKing Mobile Lite site from your device, whether it’s a Windows, Android or IOS.  The process to access the site is straightforward, and you must follow these simple steps for both the mobile and the desktop options:

Access BetKing Mobile Lite via Mobile

  1. You can access the BetKing Nigeria site by pasting into a mobile web browser.
  2. You are immediately taken to the mobile site, which differs from the regular site with the adding of the “m” in the URL.
  3. In the header menu, once it’s opened, you must tap on the arrow that points downwards.
  4. Then you must tap the button to switch to the BetKing Mlite version.
  5. That’s it; the mobile lite version is available for use.

Access BetKing Mobilelite via PC

  1. Go to your web browser and input the Lite site address 
  2. Click on ‘mobile’ in the sub menu that runs across the page.
  3. Even though you are on a desktop, it will still open up the mobile platform.
  4. Click on the arrow, which will expand the menu.
  5. Lastly, you must select the ‘Switch to M Lite’ button.

As you can see, the process is straightforward, whichever method you prefer and will not take more than a few minutes of your time. The benefits on your mobile device are immediate.

BetKing Mobile Lite Advantages

As already discussed above, there are so many advantages to using the mobile lite version over the BetKing old mobile site or the app. The main advantage is that running this version requires much less data, saving you on your precious data allowances. It also doesn’t take up a lot of space on your devices, so you don’t have to delete all your photos and the rest!

Another feature is that you don’t require 4G. It works great on 3G connectivity for easy betting on the go. Whilst the BetKing app requires newer devices with the mobile lite version, everyone can use it whether you have the latest smartphone or still using a basic or older device. 

BetKing Mobile Lite Bonuses

The only thing that the Mobilelite site is missing is that there is no dedicated bonus section. You can switch back to the regular site by removing the “m” in the URL to see the bonuses. However, all new players at BetKing get to enjoy a welcome bonus. The bonus consists of a free bet offer where you can get up to 100₦ with promo code.

How to Download BetKing Mobile Lite?

The BetKing mobile lite is a website. Therefore, there is no need to download it. The only way you can gain access is via your phone’s browser, like Chrome or Safari. If you want to add it to your home screen, then you must tap on the three dots you will see in the top right-hand corner. Next, scroll down and click on “Add to Home Screen”. It places an easy-to-access thumbnail on your device’s home screen for your next visits. 

How to Bet on BetKing Mobile Lite?

How to Bet on BetKing Mobile Lite

If you have placed bets with BetKing on the app or the regular site, then it is pretty much the same. You must log into your account and, if necessary, deposit to top up your account. 

Once you are logged in at the top in the blue panel, click on it to open up the sports betting page. Here you can select which sport you want to place a bet on. Once you have selected your bet from the various markets and competitive odds, click on the markets you want to add. Then choose the amount you would like to bet on and click on the proceed button,  and a confirmation message will pop up to confirm the bet.

You can still take advantage of the cash-out options, where you can choose to end a bet before the end and take some profit or cut some of your losses. You will, however, need a stable and reliable internet connection for this service as the odds move quickly as the match progresses and, for example, a goal is scored.