The BetKing sportsbook is a fanastic gambling destination for Nigerian players with thousands of incredible betting opportunities. However, you may be new to placing bets and need help on how to check BetKing slip. Our guide will talk you through how to check your betslip and other essential information to help you become a betting pro in no time at all!

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Knowing how to track your betslips accurately is crucial so you can check your bets as they progress and their final outcomes, whether they lose or win. By following our straightforward steps, you will be on your path to successful betting.

BetKing offers a wide range of all the top sporting events across the globe, from the most popular, which goes without saying, football to many more top events. Whichever football team you support, be it one of the local Nigerian teams or even one of the European teams like the Premier League or La Liga, you will find it all and so much more here. Before depositing to place your bet, this is also the time for you to input any BetKing promo code offers you have received. It will boost your balance as you take a chance a shot at trying to predict a winning bet!

How to Check Your Betslip on BetKing Website?

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Do you want to know how you can check betslip in BetKing, then let us take a look at the steps you must follow on the desktop version of this website:

  • The first thing you must do is log into your BetKing account.
  • Then you must click on the button right at the top of the screen that says “My Account.”
  • The next step for you is to click on the “outcome” option. You can filter your bets by running, lost, won, or all your bets. 
  • Then you must click on “Bet Search,” which you can find on the left-hand side.
  • Now you can filter the dates by selecting “Date From” and “Date To” and choose any period you want.
  • The last step is to click on “Proceed,” and all your bets within your selected time frame will display for you.

    How to Check Your Betslip on BetKing Mobile?

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    There is a slightly different process for you when you are betting on your mobile device and want to check your BetKing tickets. Let us take a look:

    • First, you must open up the BetKing website on your smartphone or tablet. You can also choose if you prefer to use the BetKing old or new mobile platform.
    • Once you have selected the site you prefer, there is a “Coupon Check” button that you can click on the BetKing homepage.
    • Now, you are asked for your BetKing coupon code and click on continue.
    • Your bet, whether current or already settled, is displayed on the screen for you.

    Checking Your Betslip on BetKing

    Another feature of the BetKing website is that each time a player makes a bet, the system generates a unique code: the bet coupon number. Each coupon number is an 18-digit code you can use to check your bet status. You can also use them to select or create accumulator bets. Then you can come back and finish betting on them later.

    This handy feature lets you keep your bet on track from any device or account via SMS and USSD codes.

    The “My Bets” or “Bet Slip” section of the BetKing website on a mobile browser or the app will display a list of all your active and settled wagers. Those still-in-progress bets get called active bets, while those whose outcomes are already determined are called settled bets.

    You can then view detailed information about a bet, including the event, market, stake amount, potential payout, and current status. Its status indicates if it has been won, lost, or if it still pending waiting for the result of the game.

      BetKing Bet History

      The BetKing betting platform is laid out so that it’s easy for newbies and seasoned players alike to navigate their way around easily. There will be times you will want to check what balance you have in your account, what open bets you have, or even want to take a look back at some of your previous bets.

      This is where it gets easy at BetKing; they have ensured that everyone can easily access all these details from under the “My Account” section. You can even check what deposits or withdrawals you have processed through your BetKing account and much more.

      But to check your history when you are searching for your bet, you can click on various dates and search that way to see your betting history for a week, a month, or even six months worth of your bets if you wish. 


        Since you’re reading our BetKing review to learn how you can place your bets, you’re already familiar with what a fantastic Nigerian sportsbook it is. BetKing’s aim is to make its website and betting processes easy for all sorts of players. While some of us have more experience in betting, others have more experience using betting sites.

        BetKing has therefore left no stone unturned in designing its website to cater to all players regardless of their level. Betting is a fantastic pastime that can also boost your income if you hit a few wins on your favourite teams. All in all, BetKing is a grand gambling site to easily place any bets, and to check them to see the results from various devices. Lastly, they will also swiftly send you any winnings via the numerous and easy payment methods on offer.

        So what are you waiting for, come and place some bets and test out how easy it is to check your betslips on BetKing!