The online betting industry has grown immensely, and Nigeria is one of the African hotspots for bettors. 1xBet in Nigeria is a betting company with over ten years of experience, launched in 2011. It is well known to Nigerian bettors for its competitive odds, easy site navigation, multiple sports betting markets, and significant payouts!

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If you love rewards, you will love the 1xbet bonus codes for new players and the ongoing promotions for existing players. Free bets, bonus funds, and even more delights await you at this African gambling platform. 

We will look at some tricks and tools that you can use to help you succeed when betting at 1xBet and help you walk away a winner!

How to Win on 1xBet Nigeria?

1xBet Nigeria offers more than just a wide range of sports. It also provides the most competitive odds for its Nigerian players. Therefore, you will get less on your wager if you say where to place the same bet somewhere else. It also offers higher withdrawal limits if you have a big win and allows higher stakes for its high rollers looking to place more significant bets.

Another great feature is that there are multiple promotions you can take advantage of here. When you use these bonuses at 1xBet, including cashback offers, free bets, and a welcome bonus, you can have extra cash to play with, increasing your winning chances. 

What Services Does 1xBet Offer?

One reason 1xBet is a top bookmaker in Nigeria is its exceptional sportsbook, offering a wide range of betting opportunities on sports like football, basketball, tennis, and more. Besides sports betting, there are also virtual betting options and a casino. It also has a user-friendly layout and lots of excellent promotions. 

How to Beat 1xBet?

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Is there a way to beat 1xBet? Well, not theoretically, as the bookmaker always has the edge, but there are some tricks you can follow to give yourself the best chances at winning:

Seek out the best odds

When placing bets, the higher the odds, the better the returns. So, when looking for what to place your bets on, the higher odds will give you more significant winnings. It does come with risk, as the higher odds mean the probability of the outcome is less likely than with lower odds.

Sports and leagues

Stick to one type of sport or league. Do not attempt to bet on every type of sport, especially if you don’t understand the rules. Concentrating on one kind of sporting event is best, which means you can hone your skills by researching only that one.

Apply promotions

You can never grab enough promotions. It’s free money that sometimes allows you to double your money. You then have more winning chances without risking all your cash. 

Money management

This is the most crucial factor to consider and implement. Gambling is addictive and should be fun, not cause stress. Therefore only ever bet with an amount that you are prepared to lose. As much as we would all love to win each time we place a bet, this isn’t reality, so you should go into placing your bet with the mindset that it could lose. If the loss won’t affect you, this is the best route to perfect money management when betting. 

Know your betting options

There are so many betting options that it can seem like a minefield. If you are still determining all the options, research and start with smaller bets as you build your confidence. For example, if you look at football betting, there are so many markets to bet on it can seem daunting. There are betting markets for who will score a goal and how many minutes in the goals will get scored, and many more. Stick to the easy options, like which team will win, as you learn and keep researching as you go along. 

How to Win at 1xBet Casino?

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So if you are looking to win successfully when betting at 1xBet Casino, the rules are slightly different from sports betting, which we will detail below for you:

Learn the rules

The 1xBet Casino has many games, from slot machines to table and live casino games like baccarat, roulette, craps, and blackjack. Each game has distinctive rules  to play. Slots are the easiest to grasp as it involves setting a stake and spinning the reels. However, with slots, there are many different features like the number of paylines, and the house edge, known as the RTP, and they come with varying levels of volatility, which can also affect your gameplay.


Sticking to games with a lower house edge is an excellent casino game strategy. For slot machines, you want to play any with an RTP of 95% or higher. For table games, the RTP can go up to 99%. 

Manage your bankroll

Managing your bankroll is crucial to your success at the 1xBet Casino. Like sports betting, only ever deposit what you can afford to lose. As mentioned above in the strategies, stick to smaller wagers if your deposit is low, as it will give you a longer playing time and more chances to hit some wins as your bankroll grows. 

Player incentives

There are so many benefits to playing at 1xBet Casino, including a welcome bonus and ongoing promotions. The extra money received in bonus money gives you more of an edge when playing as you are not just using your funds but free funds, too, with more time and money to aim for a big win on one of the slots or other casino games.


You can test the slots in demo mode to see how they work and many table games too. When playing the games, look at the rules and payables to learn how to win, which will help you understand how to play and get you playing for real money quicker.


Although there is no sure-fire way to win on the sports or casino games at 1xBet, there are many strategies you can learn to help you on your way. Most importantly, using all the bonus offers gives you an edge. Practice the casino games in demo mode and glean as much information as possible about any sporting events you choose to bet on.

Then all that’s left to do is to have fun and enjoy your wins at 1xBet!