You may be wondering what is the meaning of under 2.5 in the Bet9ja sportsbook. In our guide, we will break it down for you so that by the end of our review, you will understand what an under 2.5 goals bet is and how to bet on this market effectively.

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What Does Under 2.5 Goals Mean?

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Many bettors, especially those new to betting, may have seen this bet but need clarification on its meaning. Simply put, it involves less than 2.5 goals getting scored in a soccer match for your bet to succeed. So you would, for example, need a game to end 0-0, or either team to be one or two goals up like a 1-0 or 2-0 result or a 1-1 draw would also result in a winning bet.

Under 2.5 Goals Meaning Bet9ja

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Whichever sportsbook you use, the principles between the under 2.5 goals are the same. An example of an under- 2.5 goals bet at Bet9ja could be that Man United is playing Arsenal. As long as 2.5 or more goals are not scored, you will have won your bet. 

To win, the match it must either conclude with a scoreless tie, a 1-1 stalemate, or a 1-0 or 2-0 triumph for either team.

Under 2.5 Goals Strategies

Because Nigerian players frequently play the under 2.5 goals market and it is a rather simple wager, there are many strategies you can use to aim for more winning bets. Below we have listed some of the most common ones that get used when attempting to beat this market:

Betting on low-scoring football teams

For this strategy to succeed, it does involve researching the various teams. What you are looking for are teams that are known for not scoring frequently. For example, a team like Man City sometimes scores five or more goals in a match, so they would not be the best choice. 

You are looking for teams with good defence at saving goals and teams that don’t score frequently. So to do this, you must review the previous season’s statistics. Find teams with low goal-scoring records and keep an eye out for when they are playing each other.

However, as with any sports betting, this method is not foolproof, and there will be instances where more than 2.5 goals get scored in your chosen matches, and you will lose your bets. It’s a long term strategy that will pay off over time.

Place a bet after an early Goal

This strategy is excellent but involves in-play betting, so you must be ready to place a bet quickly. Ensure you are logged into your Bet9ja account and have money in your account, as you won’t have time to top it up during the match.

Keep an eye on a particular match or even a few matches happening simultaneously, giving you more opportunities to get in on this type of bet. So, how it works is that if a team scores in one of the matches, the odds for the under 2.5 goals will significantly increase as soon as the betting markets restart after the goal. 

We cannot stress the time factor here because the odds don’t stay high for long. The traders quickly cut them to a more respectable level. The reason for the rise is after a first goal. Many bettors will bet on more goals, significantly raising this market’s odds. 

Place a late under 2.5 goals bet

This strategy is where you place a bet right at the end of the match with ten to fifteen minutes to go. The odds increase as the match progresses on a goalless draw or say 1-0, and if you took the high odds and either of the teams scored 2.5 goals before the whistle, you would receive a fantastic payout. It is a higher-risk method, so tread cautiously with this and only place small bets and money you can afford to lose.

How do you place a bet on this under 2.5 goals market?

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If you have never placed a bet in this market and are wondering how then we have the simple steps for you to find this market and successfully place your bet.

  • First up, you must get the Bet9ja website and login to your sportsbook account.
  • Then, on the sports page, click on the football tab and the league you want to place your bets in, and then choose your selected match. 
  • If you don’t see this market when you open up the match, you can often find it in the Over/Under goals market or in the “More Bets.”
  • Then once you find the market, you must click on the odds that get displayed under the 2.5 Goals market.
  • The bet will appear in your betslip. Double check you have the right game and bet, and then add your stake.
  • The last stage is to click on Place your bet, and that’s it. You can watch the match and will have a winning bet if less than 2.5 goals get scored. 

If it is a successful bet, it should only take a few minutes for your winnings to show up in your balance which you can then draw and enjoy.


So, there you have it; as you can see, it is a pretty straightforward bet. The odds are lower pre-match but increase as this match progresses in play. However, with our strategies and careful research, this type of betting on the under 2.5 goals markets can be lucrative. 

Betting in play does offer more significant odds, which will lead to more superb payouts, but it does come with more risk, so start small, especially if you are a new African bettor, and increase your bets as your bankroll grows and your confidence.

Good luck, and may you have many winning bets using our tips and strategies!