Bet9ja is a popular online bookmaker that hosts various sporting betting markets both for pre-match bets and in-play across desktops and mobile devices. Once you have placed your bets, you will want to keep tabs on them. The way to do this is by using the Bet9ja coupon check feature. It lets you keep up to date with your sporting event bet as it unfolds. It’s also how you check to see if you have a winning or losing bet.

bet9ja coupon check

This websites coupon check feature is exclusive to this Nigerian-based bookmaker. It adopted this method, alongside its highly competitive odds and extensive range of betting markets, to provide an efficient and easy-to-use betting platform. If you are new to Bet9ja and unsure how to check your coupon code, stay with us as we will explore exactly how it works and how you can access it. 

What is a Bet9ja coupon code?

When you place your bet at Bet9ja, you will receive a betting code once it is done. Essentially, it serves as a confirmation that you have placed your wager, and it is also what you must use when checking the results. The coupon code contains a set of unique letters and your user ID, which is what you use to login to your account. 

bet9ja coupon code

Whilst some bettors get confused with Bet9ja promo codes versus coupon codes, they are two entirely different things. If you receive a promo code from Bet9ja, it has nothing to do with your bet slips. It is purely to give you a bonus of free bets, which you can use to place bets. A coupon code, as we have detailed above, is purely a code you receive on the placement of your bet that you will use to check the results of your wager. 

    How does Bet9ja coupon check work?

    how does bet9ja coupon check work

    When you are ready to check the results of your bet, there are three ways to do this. Firstly, the old Bet9ja mobile site, your desktop or the new mobile site. You can also search your account history to check that way. However, placing your bet and having your coupon code is a quick way to check without the need for logging in.

    The beauty of Bet9ja is that you don’t only have to place online bets. You can also visit one of the many Bet9ja shops, place your bets, and receive a coupon code. No matter where you received your coupon code, it’s the same straightforward method to check. You can also check online betting coupon codes in shops, so it’s an ultra-convenient way to stay on top of your betting outcomes wherever you are. 

      Bet9ja old mobile coupon checker

      bet9ja old mobile coupon checker

        As we’ve already mentioned, there are a few ways to check your coupon code online. Right now we will look at how you can check it using the bet9ja old mobile site. The reason it’s still around is that many customers are still using old mobile devices that don’t have the capacity for the new website. Therefore, Bet9ja has kept the old mobile coupon checker system in place. 

        The good news is that even though it is an old mobile option, we have found that the Bet9ja coupon check page loads faster than the newer version. Another benefit of the old version is that it uses much less data. So let us take a look at how you can check your coupon at Bet9ja on the old site:

        1. Open up the Bet9ja old mobile site on your device. Go through the icons, find the one that says “Coupon Code” and tap on it. 
        2. Either manually type in your unique coupon code or copy and paste it if you have saved it on your phone. 
        3. All that’s left for you to do is hit the “Check” button, and your bet will appear with all the details. If you have an accumulator bet running, it will show you which matches are complete. If the event is complete, it will show you whether you have a winning or losing bet. 

        On a side note, if you prefer the layout and functionality of the Bet9ja old mobile site, you can use it either on your old mobile or your new mobile or on your desktop or tablet!

          How to check Bet9ja coupon code

          If you want to use the new website, there is a similar process for checking your coupons. On your desktop, you will see a Bet9ja coupon check tab at the top. Click on it, and a pop-up box appears. Put your coupon code in, hit “Check your Bet”, and instantly see your bet results. 

          The Bet9ja mobile site works the same way unless you use the old mobile Bet9ja betting site. Open up the website at Once it is open, you will see a sliding menu along the side. When you see “Check your Bet”, click on it and input your coupon code, which is pretty much the same as you would do on a desktop.


          Bet9ja is an outstanding betting platform. It provides its players with an incredible range of sporting events globally, has competitive odds, and offers various ways its bettors can access the website.

          It aims to provide a user-friendly website that will cater to all types of players, whether you have been placing bets for years or are a complete newbie. Our guide has explained how you can easily and quickly check the coupon code you received when you place your bets at Bet9ja. 

          This fantastic website also provides tutorials and know-how on how to use its services. It also has an efficient and friendly customer support team if you require help or even have questions. When you register and sign up with Bet9ja, if you don’t already have an account, you will receive bonuses, boosts and other fun and rewarding treats coming your way.

          Good luck with your betting, and may you have many more winning coupon codes than losing ones!