Bet9ja is one of the best Nigerian bookmakers, and it doesn’t just provide a whole host of incredible sports betting options. It also rewards its new and loyal players with bonuses and promotions. Bet9ja promo code is offered to entice players to first register on their gambling platform rather than competitors.

bet9ja promo code

They also reward players with ongoing promotions. We have all the low down of what’s currently on offer at Bet9ja, and using our unique code AFBETTING9JA, you can get an impressive 170% bonus on your first bet at this bookmaker. 

What is the Bet9ja promo code?

If you’ve never used a Bet9ja promo code, also known as a bonus code, they are a series of letters and numbers, each unique, that you input when you deposit. The promo code will activate the offer, and when you deposit, any bonus funds are automatically added.

bet9ja promo codes

Promo codes can be for cashback offers, free bets, and the Multiple boost bonus of up to 170% that new players receive. Bet9ja is a fully licensed and regulated site, so it will only allow players 18 and over, and it will be checked when you register. Also, you can read about the bookmaker and its features on our Bet9ja review.

Bet9ja promo code terms and conditions

The Bet9ja promotions all come with terms or bonus rules. It is crucial that you understand these before you make your first deposit and start placing bets. When you use our promo code AFBETTING9JA to claim the Multiple Bonus Boost of 170%, for example, you must follow a few terms to activate the boosted reward successfully.

How to boost your bets

This bonus works on multiple bets on a single bet slip; the minimum number of bets you must have in your accumulators is five. If you add any less, you won’t receive the payout. For five successful bets, you will receive a 5% bonus boost on top of your winnings. Each extra event you add adds another 5% boost, so it is 10% for six selections. This will increase up to a maximum boost of 170% for 38 or more selections.

Excluded bets and minimum odds

Bet9ja also excludes some of the football matches every weekend, so before placing your bets, look to see so you don’t include them on your betslip. 

Another term that you must be aware of is that the minimum odds required on any part of your bet is 1.20.

Maximum winnings

There is a winnings cap on how much your multiplier boost will pay out, and Bet9ja has set it at 50,000,000 NGN, which we feel is more than fair.

      How to use the Bet9ja promo code

      how to use the bet9ja promo code

      We’ve given you the easiest way to access the Bet9ja website. If you click here to sign up to Bet9ja on our exclusive link, it will take you straight to its homepage, where you can sign up and register an account with our AFBETTING9JA Bet9ja promo code.

      But before betting, you must open your account and complete the Bet9ja registration. It is a straightforward process that will only take a few minutes to complete. 

        Bet9ja promotions

        bet9ja promotions

          The promotions page at Bet9ja has some incredible offers, including the Super9ja. You can win up to 10,000,000 NGN by correctly predicting match results. If you correctly guess all six predictions, it is an incredible sum of money to win, and it won’t cost a thing to play. It is open to all its registered users. 

          If you are not fortunate enough to win, they also have ₦265,000 in consolation prizes, which will get split among 20 bettors. There is also a cash prize of ₦100,000 for the player with the highest weekly score. It works in that you will receive 10 points for every correct score and only one point if you get an accurate result. No wagering is required; it is paid as cash, and you can instantly withdraw and enjoy your free money. 

          170% multiple boost

          We’ve already touched on the 170% multiple boosts in our article, but it’s rated as the top Bet9ja promotion. We also have an exclusive link to tap into this offer with our Bet9ja promo code AFBETTING9JA.

          Bet9ja rewards

          The Bet9ja reward program is a way to reward its loyal bettors. You earn player points every time you place a bet. Whether the bet wins or loses, you will still receive your points. Every bet increases your points balance, and you can climb up through the levels to cash rewards.

          If you are wondering how to join this club, the good news is that it is open to all players. No invite is required; every ₦100 placed on a wager gains you one point. It has seven tiers. However, to move up a tier, you must accumulate enough monthly points to move on that rung up the ladder. 

          Cash out

          The cash out doesn’t require any Bet9ja promo code. It is a fantastic feature where you can end your bet early and take any winnings. It’s excellent for live betting where your team are up, but a goal from the other team could lose your bet so that you can take guaranteed winnings. You can also use it on a multiple wager. Say you are on the last leg, and the team is losing at half-time; you can cash out and not take the risk on your final team taking the lead. 


          As you can see, there are tons of Bet9ja promotions for its players. While the 170% multiple boost offer is the most popular, you can also enjoy cash rewards when placing your bets, early cashout, Super9ja, and so much more. 

          Suppose you want to join Bet9ja to take advantage of its competitive odds. In that case, the registration process will only take a few minutes of your time. You can gamble on your desktop or mobile with the Bet9ja app or via your web browser. Once your account is up and running, you can also use the various tutorials on the site to help you with your betting with loads of tips and betting know-how articles.

          All in all, it is an incredible betting site. Make sure you sign up with our promo code AFBETTING9JA today.