Bet9ja is a Nigerian-based bookmaker that has a lot going for it. Not only does Bet9ja offer its players a massive variety of sporting events, but you can also take a spin on slots or play live dealer games in the casino.

However, our article focuses on how the Bet9ja book a bet feature operates. It is essentially how you can place your bets, the various ways, and how it all works. Our main aim is to provide you with a comprehensive guide for your betting requirements, no matter your device. 

What does booking bet mean on Bet9ja?

When we talk about booking bets on Bet9ja it means selecting a sports event and predicting and staking on the possible outcome of the game. It simply involves selecting a sports event of your choice, creating a bet slip, and taking the slip to a Bet9ja attendant who will place the bet on your behalf. Below, We will discuss the various ways of booking a bet on Bet9ja.

Bet9ja Book A Bet

      Before you can stake and place your bets, you must have compiled your games in a bet slip. Booking a bet on Bet9ja means selecting from the numerous sporting events on the betting site and predicting the outcome before wagering on your selections.

      After completing your selections, you can generate a booking code on the platform. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Book a bet’ button at the bottom of the page.

      Furthermore, you can place your bet online by entering your booking code in the provided space on the website. However, you must have created an account with Bet9ja to place your bets on the site.

      Also, another option you have with the booking code is to take it to the nearest Bet9ja shop to place your bets.

      How to book a bet on Bet9ja?

      As we’ve already mentioned, there are a few ways to book your bet at Bet9ja. Your choices are on a desktop or mobile phone via the old mobile site, the app or the new mobile site. 

      Bet9ja Booking A Bet

      We will look at how you can do this on a desktop, and our step-by-step guide has all the details for you.

      • The first thing to do is open up the Bet9ja website on your laptop or desktop.
      • Click on the sportsbook tab, filter the various sports to your desired match, and then choose your market to place your bet on. 
      • The bet slip will appear on the top right corner of the website.
      • Input the amount of money you wish to bet and then click the “Bet” button. 
      • A pop-up will appear on your screen as soon as you’ve clicked bet. You will receive a confirmation that your bet was placed successfully, and with that, you will have your booking number displayed on the pop-up.
      • If you prefer, you can print the message when booking the bet and take the betting code to a Bet9ja shop, where you can pay and place your wager. 

      If you have received a Bet9ja promotion code to claim a free bonus, then when you deposit, ensure you input the code to activate the offer. 

        How to book a bet on Bet9ja mobile lite?

        There are two Bet9ja mobile versions, one old and the other is the new mobile site, which also goes under the name of mobile lite. Let us look at how the process works for booking a bet on your mobile device. 

        Bet9ja Book A Bet 2
          1. Open up the Bet9ja mobile lite site on your mobile device. 
          2. Head to the sportsbook and navigate to the betting market you wish to bet on. Once you’ve found your bet, click on it and enter your wager.
          3. Next, click the “Book a Bet” button at the bottom of the page.
          4. Once you have placed the bet, your booking code will get generated. You can then copy the code and take it to any Bet9ja shop close to you, or you can choose to place the bet online. 

            Types of bets

            Regarding the types of bets on offer at Bet9ja, you are spoilt for choice. While soccer holds the most betting markets and is the most widely bet on sport, you can also bet on various other sporting events. 

            When it comes to placing bets, the options are limitless. You can place straightforward bets like on the team to win 1×2. There are markets for over/under goals, first players to score, will a red card be seen, etc. Look at the odds, as the higher the odds, the less likelihood of a positive result. However, we have all seen low-odds favourites lose to high-odd teams. So bet according to your risk level and always stay within your bankroll budget. 

            Booking code on Bet9ja

            The Bet9ja booking code is a great way to book a bet and send it to a friend or family member or use it to place your bets later. No two codes will be the same, and each code is unique to each bet. So, if you have a few bets that you want to place, each will have its unique code.

            You can also use the same booking code to check your bets to see whether your bet ended up with a winning result or a loss. You can do this by inputting it into the coupon check feature, which will bring your bet slip up and the final outcome. 


            If you’ve heard of the Bet9ja booking code feature and weren’t sure how it worked, you can see it is an easy yet effective system that lets you place your bets and keep track of them.

            As we’ve said, each code is unique, so if you place a few bets at once, copy or save them so you have them to hand when you are ready to check the results. Bet9ja is an excellent all-around betting website that has taken betting to the masses and provided a simple and user-friendly way to bet on your favourite sports.